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Feel peace and joy inside

Make your body and mind balanced, stronger and more flexible

Trust yourself and have more fun in your life

Om Yoga Las Palmas

“Silence is the language of Om. Penetrate deep into the word “Om”. Gradually the word will disappear and only the silence will remain.”

Amit Ray 

The Benefits of Yoga

1. Feel peace and joy inside

Don´t we all want to feel peace and joy inside? We were born with those feelings so what happened?

Yoga offers us a system to re-discover that feeling. It lets us tune in to what we really want out of life, to answer the questions why am I here and how can I be happy. It takes time and it is not always easy. There are still the realities of life to deal with: bills to pay, kids to look after, conflict and difficult relationships. Yoga lets us see life's realities from a different perspective. These realities can even help us on our journey to inner peace.

Om Yoga Las Palmas

2. Make your body and mind stronger, more flexible and balanced

For most of us it is the yoga postures that attract us to yoga. The postures make our bodies more supple. We bend forwards, backwards, sideways and we twist. We open our chest, we balance on one foot and on our hands. We hold ourselves upside down. Of course the postures make us strong, flexible and balanced.

They also open up our body… and they open our minds. We confront our fears, open our hearts and see the world from another perspective. We begin to look at ourselves in a different way, as if we are a witness watching ourselves from a distance. And then we start to see things clearly. We start to understand our own lives. We know what feels good inside and what doesn´t. We start to make better decisions that fit with that knowledge. Our minds become stronger, more flexible and balanced.

Om Yoga Las Palmas

3. Trust yourself and have more fun in your life

It is not easy to trust ourselves when we feel afraid inside. It is difficult to have fun when we feel worried and anxious. Endless activity makes it hard to stop for breath.

I love the anecdote about the lady who had a very busy day so she decided to meditate for two hours that morning instead of one. (yes, I got those numbers right:)) Yoga lets us face our fears but in a safe place - on the mat. It allows us to feel the fear, really feel it, at a very physical level. And when we continue to feel it, to observe it, the fear starts to diminish. It is not always easy and it can take time but little by little we learn to trust ourselves. We feel lighter. Fun comes back in our life. We start laughing again. Sure isn't that why we started doing yoga in the first place?!

How will we spend our time in the classes?

We will challenge ourselves physically. Even the Beginner class will be challenging for you if you are not accustomed to moving your body.
We will learn the fundamentals of yoga, the building blocks of a physical and mental yoga practice.
We will build on this learning over months and even years of practice to deepen your experience and understanding of yoga in your own way.
We will integrate pranayama, meditation and philosophy with the yoga postures.
We will learn correct body alignment and we will be adjusted in our postures
We will mix yin and yang, feminine and masculine, soft and hard, static and dynamic.
We will be serious and we will have fun.
We will enjoy our yoga practice!



1 class per week*


2 classes per week*


3 classes per week*


*Price includes 2 meditation classes per month


Discount: family, partner, student, unemployed





Voucher for 10 classes


Voucher for 5 classes


You can pay in cash in the Yoga Centre or by bank transfer: Christelle Hugel ES68 1465 0100 9517 3503 9065 (concept: Your name + month of payment).

Why join?

  • Everyone welcome - Classes for all levels
  • Parking - Nearby parking in Centro Comercial Las Arenas
  • First class free - Try a class before deciding to join
  • No Registration fees - More value for money
  • Easy Booking - Book a time that suits you. Your spot is guaranteed. No need to turn up early.
  • Convenient - If you can´t make your class, cancel online and book yourself an alternative class
  • No mat required - If you don't have a mat, go ahead and use one of ours. It's free.
  • Head Space - A sanctuary from the intensity and stress of daily life
  • Languages - We can teach the class in Spanish or English. Christelle also speaks French and German.

Our Philosophy

OM Yoga Las Palmas offers a sanctuary from the intensity and stress of daily life. Our mission is to honor each student’s search for peace of mind, personal growth and fun in their life, by offering yoga programs to people of all ages and all walks of life.

The Yoga Centre is a silent space dedicated to the practice of yoga and meditation in the heart of Guanarteme, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - only a five minute walk from parking in Centro Comercial Las Arenas

5 Common Reasons why People do not do Yoga - And why you should Ignore Them

1. It's too expensive

2. I'm too old

3. They chant Om all day

4. I'm not flexible enough

5. It's a religion